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February 2022

NoBaggage is a small startup created by my clients Dustin and Roxanne, to be able to streamline portable, rentable wardrobes for traveling. Choose clothes to skip carrying luggage, to gain inspiration, and to dress appropriately for the season or location; all while contributing to environmentally-friendly efforts!

The website is a brochure-level of integration, but the plan is to expand the platform as the NaBaggage business itself grows into more serviceable locations, and when it expands it's product support.

Screenshot of Kyle's website created for client NoBaggage

Under The Hood

Created with NextJS, a MailChimp API, the Rellax library, Figma, and the Affinity Suite.

Images are dynamically loaded for browser optimization using NextJS's Image component. Rellax is used a hand-full of times throughtout the website, but the best use of it is the header hiding itself on scroll. I transcribed and expanded the brand logo from a flat icon to a 3D-looking SVG using Affinity Designer (as shown to the left).

CSS strategy

Like most of my projects, I wrote all of the CSS styles by hand, but this project entertained global CSS variables. A color palette was created from the initial logo that the client sent me, which happened to be quite applicable to both light and dark backdrops. During the entire creation of the website, I was comparing the Astro framework and NextJS for the best potential benefits, and because both frameworks using CSS modules well, I used CSS modules as my basis of stylings.

Google Lighthouse






Best Practices



Tested using a private Chrome window on the homepage for ignoring any extensions and script complexity with frameworks that would disrupt the score

First design prototype for NoBaggage's website
My first design prototype
First design prototype for NoBaggage's website
My logo refinement compared to my client's auctioned logo they bought.