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Kyle Fontenot

I'm Kyle Fontenot; a freelance web developer in lovely Redlands, California, focusing on React, SolidJS, Astro, and AWS to create beautiful, performant web works.

Ever since the days of MySpace, I've loved to customize my websites and software to make it just right. Years later, the React framework propelled my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript together into today's freelance web development. Creating web works that connect regular users to beautiful, accessible, and usable applications is a goal that particularly complements my personality type and pushes my fascination with software development of all kinds.

My freelance work has grown me in not only honing front-end web developement skills, but has bolstered organizational skills directed toward project management, branding expansions, search engine optimizations, and business model consultations.

My favorite tools:

Tools I'm learning:

What I'm currently working on:

  • A third rendition of ReviewMate's website, implementing Astro, custom lottie files, and a more concentration on a professional aesthetic.
  • Sketching logo prototypes for a new client's business.
  • Slowly learning fundamentals of the Rust language. (I read the official book at night before going to bed)