Kyle Fontenot

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December 2021

Algorithmic passwords are extremely misunderstood by the general population. This is a web-app to make it very simple to create a a secure, memorable password that solves many problems with peoples' personal password. Algorithmic passwords can become complex, so this is an exercise in user experience as well. For many self-taught programmers such as I, it's always a good idea to act on ideas by implmementing them fully. This idea actually came from a practical use-case that I would offer to anyone. I plan to add to this project as I research more ways to expand the concept, and potentially maybe create a sign-in for password redundancy for users.

Screenshot of Kyle's Algo website

Under The Hood

Created with SolidJS as an SPA, it's meant to be very simplistic, and very performant. The actual web-app consists of only one page, but the global state logic proved to be a really great challenge. All CSS is loaded via CSS modules, and all art outside of text and colors is created with Affinity, particularly the wavy shapes in the top landing space.

Google Lighthouse






Best Practices



Tested using a private Chrome window on the homepage for ignoring any extensions and script complexity with frameworks that would disrupt the score