Kyle Fontenot

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November 2021

ReviewMate by Pickerson LLC is a SaaS (software as a service) suite for streamlining workflows in the medical coding auditing industry. ReviewMate consolidates all workflows for auditors in a powerful, flexible platform. The website was created with Gatsby, Netlify, Netlify CMS, and my own CSS Framework Forten in a JAMstack approach. The focus of this third rendition of the website was clean design, concise content, speed, and SEO. Every React component was custom made, and geometric embelishments were created with CSS when feasible.

Screenshot of Kyle's website created for client NoBaggage

Under The Hood

Created with Gatsby, Contentful as a CMS, and Styled-Components. The architecutre features CSS animations, very modular Bootstrap-reminiscent components, split-second inner page loads, and Netlify form integration.

CSS strategy

Like most of my projects, I wrote all of the CSS styles by hand, but this project entertained global CSS variables. Using the ideas from my Astro boilerplate, I simply input my color palette into the value pairs in a metadata.js file that trickles down into a BaseLayout component for managing my top-level global HTML elements. The variables can be accessed from any component-specific scope. Refactored components, have scoped stylings using CSS Modules.

Google Lighthouse






Best Practices



Tested using a private Chrome window on the homepage for ignoring any extensions and script complexity with frameworks that would disrupt the score

Editing Logo SVG
Converting original PNG logo to SVG, and expanding the color palette
A custom dropdown component
A hand-coded dropdown FAQ component using useState, plugged into the CMS system.