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Carbide Saw & Tool

February 2022

Carbide Saw & Tool is a small business operating out of San Bernardino that sharpen, repair and service saws, drill bits, router bits, and everything in between.

The business itself is specialized in sharpening and creating custom tools. In addition to that fact and from request from the owners, I decided to keep the actual website pretty simple and straightforward, especially becuase they mainly operate via telephone. This project was great for taking custom photographs as well with my new DSLR camera!

Screenshot of Kyle's website created for client NoBaggage

Under The Hood

Created with Astro, and a small amount of SolidJS.

CSS strategy

Like most of my projects, I wrote all of the CSS styles by hand. Because this particular site was very static in nature, I simply used Astro's proprietary implementation of using scoped stylesheets. This allows for concise, fast, and easy-to-manage CSS. The Landing space was the most challenging CSS-wise, as creating these dynamic traingles for decoration assessed many units via Sass variables against `vh` and `vw` units for dynamic comprehension.


Operating with a library for creating flickable image carousels, Flickity by MetaFizzy

, made particular stylings a little strange to work with, as it creates multiple layers of components in its creation.

Google Lighthouse






Best Practices



Tested using a private Chrome window on the homepage for ignoring any extensions and script complexity with frameworks that would disrupt the score

Screrenshot of Carbide website contact form
Screenshot of Carbide website's contact form. Tidy footer